Your Meditation Journey

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Are you new to meditation and don't know which style is for you?

This course is for you.

Every meditation teacher or school has certain techniques that it prefers over others.

But if you have never meditated before, or are just starting out, how do you know which technique is for you?

Meditation techniques are not "one size fits all" - some techniques resonate more with certain people than others do. It all depends on your uniqueness and how your brain works.

That's why I have created this course.

It is meant to be completed a little each day, over 28 days. Each day you'll learn a new technique, and the recordings are only 10-15 minutes each.

The benefits of meditation are many, and include:

-reduced stress & anxiety

-improved awareness

-increase mental clarity & focus

-enlightenment (LOL!)

Don't think too much about it. Get this course, and start meditating today. It only takes 10 minutes per day over 28 days to get into a new habit.

Here are some of the techniques you'll learn:

  • Watch the Gap

  • Inner Smile

  • Wind Back Your Day

  • Acceptance

  • "I Am"

  • Self Love

  • Open the Heart

30 Days Money Back Guarantee
This course includes:
  • 5 hours on-demand audio

  • Full lifetime access

  • Brainwave Enhancing Audio

  • 28 unique techniques